Every appointment at Blush & Brush Beauty Bar Salon is crafted to take full advantage of our time together. We’re dedicated to providing a relaxing experience for our guests in an inviting, and friendly atmosphere. Our board certified esthetician will demonstrate all available treatments and techniques to you at every appointment.


Please Note: Prices below are provided as a starting price and your individual pricing may vary. 



Skin Analysis - Free
Duration - 15 minutes
Discover your skin type, treatment recommendations, and product recommendation.

Mini Facial - $35
Duration - 25 Minutes
"Taste test” a facial. Some of the perks for less of the price. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, & moisturizer. Also great if you are short on time.

Basic Facial - $60
Duration - 35 Minutes
Perfect for any skin type. Refresh your skin with a basic facial and take a little time to R&R.

Custom Facial - $75
Duration - 50 Minutes
A facial tailored especially for you & what your skin needs. Includes any multiple serums or masks I think you need & electrolysis.

Dermaplane Facials - $90
Duration - 35 Minutes
Slough off dead skin cells, remove vellus hair, brighten your complexion, and reduce fine lines. The results are endless with this no down time procedure & facial combo.

Dermaplane Only - $80
Duration - 20 Minutes
Slough off dead skin cells, remove vellus hair, brighten your complexion, and reduce fine lines. The results are endless with this no down time procedure.

Anti Inflammatory Facial - $65
Duration - 50 Minutes
Best suited for sensitive/rosacea skin types. Reduce redness of the face by soothing the skin with calming ingredients.

Anti-Aging Facial - $70
Duration - 50 Minutes
Reduce fine lines, increase collagen production, and rejuvenate your complexion with a blend of products suited for mature skin.

Acneic Facial - $75
Duration - 50 Minutes
A facial for moderate to severe grades of acne. Clarify and heal the skin with products tailored to fight breakouts. Includes a longer extraction time, high frequency, and ultrasonic skin scrubber.

Back Facial - $80
Duration - 40 Minutes
Experience all the perks of a facial, but on your back. Especially great for those looking to clear up back acne or wearing an open back dress soon.

Vagacial Only - $45
Duration - 30 Minutes
Helps even and rejuvenate skin tone while battling ingrown hairs.

Vagacial/Kitty Wax Combo - $110
Duration - 70 Minutes
A KittyKat Wax followed by a vagacial. Helps combat ingrown hairs & brighten the skin

Lip Treatment - $7
Duration - 5 Minutes
Helps even and rejuvenate skin tone while battling ingrown hairs.

Optional Facial Enhancements

Double Serum - $7
Duration - 5 Minutes
Add an extra serum for better results to your facial

Double Mask - $10
Duration - 10 Minutes
Add an extra mask to your facial for even better results

Ice Globes / Jade Roller - Free
Duration - 5 Minutes
Add some cold elements to your facial to further eliminate redness, stimulate circulation, and oxygenate skin.
Price - Free

Skin Scrubber - $5
Duration - 5 Minutes
Ultrasonic device to help clear the skin of stubborn blockages and get a deeper cleanse.

High Frequency - $3
Duration - 5 Minutes
Painless electrolysis to kill bacteria on the face and inside compacted pores to clear the skin. (argon) Reduce signs of aging by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production. Add on to basic or mini facial. Free with purchase of specialty facial.


Reiki is a complementary health approach in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above a person, with the goal of directing energy to help facilitate the person's own healing response. It's based on an Eastern belief in an energy that supports the body's innate or natural healing abilities.

30 Minute Session - $55
60 Minute Session - $80
90 Minute Session - $100

Foot Detox - $40
The foot detox removes harmful positive ions from the body and gives you negative ions promoting health and vitality.

Brows & Lashes 

Lash Lift & Tint - $70
Duration - 45 Minutes

Brow Lamination and Tint - $60

Eyebrow Tint - $20
Duration - 20 Minutes
Light brown, dark brown, and black color are all available 


Buttered (Full Body Wax) - $150
Duration - 120 Minutes

Brows Baby - $10
Duration - 10 Minutes
Eye brow Waxing

Lip Wax - $5
Duration - 5 Minutes
Lip Wax

Chin Wax - $5
Duration - 5 Minutes
Chin Wax

Brows, Cheek, Chin, & Lip - $20
Duration - 30 Minutes
Combo Waxing

Underarm Wax - $25
Duration - 15 Minutes

Arm Wax - $35
Duration - 30 Minutes

Full Back Wax - $50
Duration - 45 Minutes

Lower Back Wax - $25
Duration - 15 Minutes

Under Belly Button Wax - $12
Duration - 5 Minutes

Stomach Wax - $30
Duration - 15 Minutes

Bikini Wax - $30
Duration - 10 Minutes

French Bikini Wax - $30
Duration - 30 Minutes

Mini Brazilian - $50
Duration - 15 Minutes

KittyKat Wax (Brazilian) - $70
Duration - 35 Minutes

Booty Wax - $25
Duration - 20 Minutes

1/2 Leg Wax - $25
Duration - 10 Minutes

Full Leg Wax - $55
Duration - 45 Minutes 


Spray Tan

Monday Spray Tan - $40 per session
Tuesday Spray Tan Special - $30 per session
Wednesday Spray Tan - $40 per session
Thursday Spray Tan - $40 per session
Friday Spray Tan - $40 per session

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